The Academy is now working with digital files as oppose to hard-copy DVDs. In some cases, an entrant will be asked to provide a DVD, when a digital file does not suffice.
In addition to maintaining an up-to-date database of our members, we need current addresses of any Entrants, so that they can be notified by mail in the event of their nomination.
Yes, non-Canadian citizens are eligible as long as the Program qualifies for CRTC or CAVCO certification.

Minority Co-Production Eligibility If a minority Canadian co-production qualifies and enters into a Program category (for example, Best Drama Series), only credited Canadian citizensare eligible for entry in the associated craft and performance categories.

Please make cheques payable to The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.
Please upload an affidavit or copy of the first few pages of your application so we know you are in the process of waiting for certification. The final certification will be required prior to nominations.
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